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Spending transparency

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You can download information about our expenditure, payments, expenses for senior management and our contracts.

We must publish:

  • expenditure over £25,000
  • spending on the Government Procurement Card (GPC) over £500
  • expenses for senior management
  • how quickly we pay invoices (five-day payment target)

Monthly expenditure over £25,000

What this includes:
  • individual invoices
  • grant payments
  • expense payments
  • other such transactions

We must publish the total amount payable in a transaction. Single invoices worth £25,000 and over may be coded to multiple expense type/expense area combinations. The value shown for individual entries may be below £25,000.

Expenditure on paybill and transactions relating to income or the financing or underwriting of debt is excluded from the scope of these disclosures.

In keeping with HM Treasury guidance, some transactions should not be published (known as redactions). This only applies to transactions that could compromise national or personal security, foreign relations or contravene the law e.g. the Data Protection Act.

Each month is shown on a separate page in the annual record.

Use the free Collabora Offic‪e app to open these files on a mobile device.

Expenses of senior management and board members: archive


All our new contracts over the value of £10,000 are available through Contracts Finder. You can use this to:

  • search for contract opportunities
  • find out what’s coming up in the future
  • look up details of previous tenders and contracts


Last updated:
14 July 2021