Using CQC data

Page last updated: 22 May 2024

You can use our data to build systems that help people find out about the health and social care options available to them.

You can access our data through our API and by downloading pre-prepared data sheets listing information such as registered locations and information about registered managers.

You can also use our widgets to display ratings information on your site.

Our data is made available under the Open Government Licence. By using it you are accepting the conditions of this licence. If you use our data, you should also acknowledge on your site or service that you are using CQC information.

Our API includes a list of all active and inactive providers and locations.

You can also retrieve information relating to individual providers and locations, including:

  • The name and address of the service
  • The date their registration under the Health & Social Care Act started and ended (if applicable)
  • The type of organisation (e.g. social care, NHS healthcare)
  • Any information on linked organisations (such as when a location was previously run by a different provider)
  • The regulated activities registered
  • Service types and specialisms (for locations only)
  • Latest ratings and report publication dates

Get started now on our API Portal

The data our API accesses is updated daily. This is the same frequency as the information about services on this website.

The API no longer supports TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1. Please make sure your API client uses TLS 1.2 or higher in order to connect.

If you want to give feedback or ask questions about the API, please email

Data sheets

We also make selected information available for download as spreadsheets.

Locations regulated by CQC

This file contains a complete list of the places in England where care is regulated by CQC.

It includes every hospital, care home, GP, dentist and home care agency in England as well as other types of service like ambulances, prison care services and hospices.

The file does not contain email addresses. It does include links to websites, which can be used to find email addresses where providers have chosen to publish them.

We usually update this file once a week.

CQC care directory - csv (csv, 16.95MB, English)
CQC care directory - zip (zip, 3.94MB, English)

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See our archive of files.

Care directory files

Care directory with filters

This file contains details of registered managers and care home bed numbers.
It also allows you to easily filter by the regulated activities, service types or service user bands.

We usually update this file once a month.

Care directory with ratings

This file contains details of the latest rating for each service.

We usually update this file once a month.

We identified some cases where core service ratings awarded to providers of hospital services were missing in our care directory files. We fixed this issue in summer 2023. If you are using files from the archive of the ‘care directory with ratings’ from before September 2023, some core service ratings will be missing.

See also: CQC register: nominated individuals, managers and regulated activities.

Archived locations

This file contains details of locations that were previously regulated by CQC and have since been archived.

A location can be archived for a number of reasons, and not necessarily because the service has closed. For example, it may have re-registered because the provider has made changes to its legal structure or changed address.

Deactivated locations (01 May 2024) (ods, 23.07MB, English)

Need more information?

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Help with the CQC widget

You can get help with using the widget and find the answers to frequently asked questions at the link below.

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We also partner with other websites to capture peoples reviews and comments about health and care services.

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