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Statement of purpose

  • Organisations we regulate

A statement of purpose for a business describes what you do, where you do it and who you do it for.

If you apply to us to carry on any of the activities we regulate, you have to include a statement of purpose as part of your application. It must include:

  • Your aims and objectives.
  • The services you provide.
  • The needs your service meets.
  • Your contact details.
  • Your service's legal entity.
  • The places where services are provided.

You can find full details in the regulations.

Read the regulations in full on our legislation page.

We've produced a guidance document to help you draft your own statement of purpose.

We've also produced templates for each of four sections of the layout we recommend you follow for your statement. You do not have to use our template, but it will help make sure you include all the information required by law.

To upload your statement of purpose using our online registration system or our Provider Portal, you'll need to compile the four sections into a single document using copy and paste. If you have more than one location and registered manager, you'll need to use more than one copy of part four.

Making changes to your statement of purpose

You must keep your statement of purpose up-to-date and notify us of any changes.

Last updated:
14 January 2019