Making changes to your registration

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

If you need to make changes to your regulated activities, the locations from which you provide them or any conditions of your registration, you will need to let us know.

Changes to conditions and locations

We place conditions on the registrations of providers. In most cases, these are routine and define the locations where the provider may operate or set limitations upon the service.

Where we have concerns about the quality or safety of the service, however, we may also set other conditions requiring improvements and setting timescales for them to be made.

The guidance document below explains how you can vary or remove these conditions, including by adding or removing locations.

Guidance: Varying or removing a condition of registration

You can find all the forms you need for each application on the pages below.

You can find all the forms you need for each application on the pages below.

Changes to partnerships

You must tell us if there are changes to the members of your partnership. 

Apply to vary the partnership condition if you want to remove or add a partner:

  • online or downloadable versions of the application form are available
  • one partner can sign the declaration on the form on behalf of the other partners


How to tell us if you move to a new office

You must tell us if a service you run moves to an address that's different from one on your certificate.

If you provide personal care or you run a digital healthcare service, you can tell us by applying to remove your old location and add a new one.

  • You must apply to remove and add locations for both your provider registration and manager registrations.
  • Send us all the applications together.
  • If we are already taking action to remove locations from your registration, you do not need to apply to have them removed again.

If your head office is also changing, you must also send us a notification form.

Care homes: vaccination as a condition of deployment (VCOD)

How to send us your form

When you have finished the form, you should check you have not made any of the common errors we find that are relevant to your application.

Email your completed forms to us, at

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Make changes to your registration online

Get help finding the right form

Withdraw an application

How we're improving the way we register providers

Snippet for pre-registration advice

Pre-application advice

Please read this application guidance. If you then have questions about an application you intend to make, contact us.

Tell us:

  • you want registration advice before you apply
  • the type of activity (service) you intend to register for
  • where you and the service will be based (town/country/region)

We will respond within 3 days.