Changes to registered details: change contact details – notification form

Page last updated: 26 June 2024
Organisations we regulate

You must use the up-to-date form on this page and send it by email

When and how to tell us when a provider's main contact telephone or email address changes.

When you need to tell us about changes to your contact details

You must notify us if your main telephone or email address changes and you are a:

  • registered manager
  • nominated individual
  • registered individual
  • registered partner

Once you have notified us about the change you would like to make to your contact details, you must apply to change your registration to update your details.

Statement of purpose: If this change affects what is in your statement of purpose you will need to amend that too. Find out how to change your statement of purpose.

How to notify us

Use this form to tell us about changes to your contact details. You only need to fill in sections 1 and 6.

You must provide all the information we ask for. If your form is incomplete we will return it to you.

Email the completed form to