DBS checks for CQC registration

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

You must get a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before you submit your application. We will return your application if you do not have this.

When you register with us you must provide the DBS certificate numbers and dates to cover all roles.

Check which type of DBS you need

CQC countersigned enhanced DBS (CQC-CE-DBS)

You need the relevant CQC-CE-DBS to register with CQC if you are a:

  • partner
  • registered manager (may also be the nominated individual or director)
  • sole trader (individual).

Countersigned means CQC authorises the CQC-CE-DBS checks to be carried out.

Your CQC-CE-DBS must be no more than 12 months when you register.

Costs as of 1 October 2019: £57.50 (£40 + £17.50 post office fee).

Apply for a CQC-CE-DBS

This is a CQC and Post Office shared website.

DBS (non-countersigned)

You must have the relevant DBS (non-countersigned) checks for:

  • director
  • nominated individual
  • trustee of a charity.

Find out which DBS you need and how to apply

Non-countersigned DBS certificates can be more than 12 months old. But it is best practice to renew your DBS certificate every 3 years.

Your application will be returned if your DBS is out of date.  It can take up to 60 working days to receive your DBS certificate.

There are various types of DBS check:

  • enhanced check
  • enhanced check with a barred list check (child)
  • enhanced check with a barred list check (adult)
  • enhanced check with a barred list check (child and adult)
  • standard check
  • basic check.

To apply for a CQC-CE-DBS 

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the CQC and Post Office shared website.
  2. Register for your CQC check (this takes about 10 minutes).
  3. You will usually receive an email with login details within 2 working days.
  4. Login and fill in the DBS form.
  5. Get your identity checked at a post office that accepts CQC-CE-DBS applications. This service is only available at some post offices. You will need photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence and proof of address.
  6. The Post Office submits your details automatically to CQC.
  7. Wait up to 60 working days.
  8. You will receive your CQC-CE-DBS certificate by post.

Find a post office that can check your identity on the Post Office Branch Finder.

DBS helpline

If you need help with your DBS checks, contact the DBS helpline.