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DBS checks for CQC registration

  • Organisations we regulate

You must get a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before you submit your application to register with CQC.

Your application will be returned if you don’t. There are 2 types of DBS check for the purposes of CQC registration and you may need more than one.

Check which type of DBS you need

Your situation Type of DBS check you need

Sole trader (or 'individuals')

Partner in a partnership

Registered manager

CQC countersigned enhanced DBS

Director of a company

Trustee of a charity

Nominated individual

It varies. Usually, an enhanced DBS if they come into contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Use the DBS online tool and guidance to help you decide the type needed.

Countersigned simply means you apply for the DBS check in a specific way and prove your identity by going to a special type of post office.

DBS helpline

If you need help with your DBS checks, contact the DBS helpline.

Check if your DBS is out of date

When you register with us you must provide the DBS certificate date and disclosure number.

Your application will be returned If your DBS is out of date.

A CQC countersigned enhanced DBS must be no more than 12 months old at the time you apply to register.

There’s usually no expiry date on other types of DBS for the purposes of CQC registration.

How to get a CQC countersigned enhanced DBS

There is a special way of applying for these.

You must follow these steps:

  1. Register with the CQC DBS website - takes 10 minutes
  2. Login and fill out the DBS form - login details can take up to 5 days to arrive by email
  3. Get your identity checked at a post office that accepts CQC DBS applications - the CQC DBS website tells you what ID to use
  4. After your identity is checked the CQC DBS website automatically submits your DBS application
  5. Get your CQC countersigned DBS via post

Not all post offices can check your identify.

Find a post office that can check your identity (click on “choose your service” and select “CQC CRB ID Verification Service”).

How to get a non-CQC countersigned DBS

To get any other type of DBS check, follow the steps on GOV.UK.

How much it costs and how long it takes

Type of DBS check Cost before 1 October 2019 Cost from 1 October 2019 Waiting times
CQC countersigned enhanced DBS check


(£44 + £17.50 post office fee)


(£40 + £17.50 post office fee)

Up to 60 working days
Enhanced DBS check £44 £40 Up to 60 working days


Last updated:
02 April 2020