Outcome of your application

Page last updated: 28 March 2024

We will let you know when we have assessed your application.


There are 2 possible outcomes to our assessment. We will send you either a:

  • Notice of Decision (NoD). We are satisfied and decide to grant your application. This may be subject to the conditions you agreed when you applied. Once you receive this, you are legally able to provide the care specified in your registration.
  • Notice of Proposal (NoP). We are not satisfied and propose either to:
    • refuse your application
    • grant it with conditions other than those to which you agreed.

The NoP will set out our reasons and invite you to make representations to us before we make a decision.

Making a representation following an NoP

You have 28 calendar days to make representations to us if you do not agree, for any reason, that we should take the steps set out in our NoP. Your representations can help us to make sure our decision, when we make it, is the right one.

Information about representations and form to make a representation.

We'll notify you of our decision (NoD) once either

  • we have considered any representations, or
  • 28 calendar days has elapsed.


If you do not agree with our decision about how to register you, then you have the right to appeal to the first-tier tribunal.