Urgent registration applications

Page last updated: 27 February 2024
Organisations we regulate

We assess most applications in the order we receive them.

We may give priority to your application if it's critical to either:

  • increasing capacity in the health and social care system
  • helping manage winter pressures in the NHS or social care

Evidence we need

If you need to start your service urgently, we need written evidence. This must be from either your:

  • NHS trust
  • integrated care board
  • local authority

This evidence must:

  • explain how the service will meet a critical capacity or urgent care need in their area
  • be on official headed paper or sent from a gov.uk or NHS email address

We do not accept evidence from:

  • individual social workers
  • MPs or individual local councillors

Nor do we accept, as the only justification to prioritise an application:

  • financial information from an accountant
  • a provisionally-awarded contract from a local authority.

Submit the evidence

Send a scanned copy of the evidence letter or the email to us.

If you have already applied or are applying for registration online:

  • email the scanned copy or forward the email to: CentralCoordinationTeam@cqc.org.uk
  • quote your application acknowledgement number in the heading of your email. If you are applying for registration online you will need to:
    • submit your application to us first
    • send the evidence to us once you have our acknowledgement number

If you are applying to make changes to your registration:

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