Independent review into CQC's response to protected disclosures made by Mr Shyam Kumar and a sample of other cases

Page last updated: 30 March 2023

These documents make up the report from phase 1 of our review into how well we listen and respond when people share concerns with us.

Phase 1 was an independent review which Zoë Leventhal KC was appointed to lead. This looks into the handling of protected disclosures shared by Mr Kumar, alongside a sample of other information of concern shared with us by health and care staff.

Download the phase 1 report

Executive summary (odt, 30.53kB, English)
Independent review: main report (odt, 125.46kB, English)
Annexes: cover page (odt, 5.09kB, English)
Annex III: East Lancashire Chronology (odt, 13.86kB, English)
Annex IV: Sample methodology (odt, 9.54kB, English)
Annex V: Sample tables (odt, 100.10kB, English)
Annex VII: Abbreviations and glossary (odt, 7.31kB, English)
Annex IX: Acknowledgements (odt, 6.95kB, English)