Single assessment framework

Page last updated: 22 February 2024


Learning, improvement and innovation

Quality statement

We focus on continuous learning, innovation and improvement across our organisation and the local system. We encourage creative ways of delivering equality of experience, outcome and quality of life for people. We actively contribute to safe, effective practice and research

What this quality statement means

  • Staff and leaders have a good understanding of how to make improvement happen. The approach is consistent and includes measuring outcomes and impact.
  • Staff and leaders ensure that people using the service, their families and carers are involved in developing and evaluating improvement and innovation initiatives.
  • There are processes to ensure that learning happens when things go wrong, and from examples of good practice. Leaders encourage reflection and collective problem-solving.
  • Staff are supported to prioritise time to develop their skills around improvement and innovation. There is a clear strategy for how to develop these capabilities and staff are consistently encouraged to contribute to improvement initiatives.
  • Leaders encourage staff to speak up with ideas for improvement and innovation and actively invest time to listen and engage. There is a strong sense of trust between leadership and staff.
  • The service has strong external relationships that support improvement and innovation. Staff and leaders engage with external work, including research, and embed evidence-based practice in the organisation.

Subtopics this quality statement covers

  • Innovation
  • Learning and improvement
  • Research
  • Learning from deaths

Local authority assessments

We consider this quality statement, learning, improvement and innovation, under theme 4: leadership.