Capable, compassionate and inclusive leaders

Capable, compassionate and inclusive leaders

Quality statement

We have inclusive leaders at all levels who understand the context in which we deliver care, treatment and support and embody the culture and values of their workforce and organisation. They have the skills, knowledge, experience and credibility to lead effectively. They do so with integrity, openness and honesty.

What this quality statement means

  • Leaders have the experience, capacity, capability and integrity to ensure that the organisational vision can be delivered and risks are well managed.
  • Leaders at every level are visible and lead by example, modelling inclusive behaviours.
  • High-quality leadership is sustained through safe, effective and inclusive recruitment and succession planning.
  • Leaders are knowledgeable about issues and priorities for the quality of services and can access appropriate support and development in their role.
  • Leaders are alert to any examples of poor culture that may affect the quality of people’s care and have a detrimental impact on staff. They address this quickly.

Subtopics this quality statement covers

  • Leadership competency, support and development
  • Safe recruitment of leaders/FPPR
  • Compassionate and capable leaders 
  • Roles and accountability
  • Succession planning/talent management