Single assessment framework

Page last updated: 22 February 2024


I statements

We consistently listen to people to inform our decision-making, and we take appropriate action based on their experiences of care.

"We have set a clear definition of quality and safety based on what people say matters to them, and this is used consistently by people who use services, and at all levels of health and social care."

This is one of our strategic measures.

Developing our quality statements

To develop the quality statements, we used aspects of the Making It Real framework.

This was co-produced by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP). They worked with a range of partners and people with lived experience of using health and care services. The Making it Real framework:

  • supports personalised care for people who use services
  • supports people working in health, care and housing
  • contains a jargon-free set of personalised principles that focus on what matters to people.

We have linked ‘I statements’ from Making it Real to each of our quality statements. We will use them to:

  • help people understand what a good experience of care looks and feels like
  • support us in gathering and assessing evidence under the people’s experience evidence category

How we use I statements in our regulation

I statements are part of our assessment framework. They reflect what people have said matters to them.

They have a key role in the People’s experience evidence category to help us gather, listen to and act on people's experiences. Their experience of care will inform our decision-making and lead us to take appropriate action. This applies to all our work.

We will develop tools and techniques that use the I statements to help us gather evidence for our assessments. For example, in focus groups, interviews and case tracking.