Amend your application after you have submitted it

Page last updated: 19 June 2023
Organisations we regulate

You can make changes to your application - as long as we have not sent our Notice of Decision.

This may delay the processing of your application.

After we have sent the Notice of Decision, if you want to make any changes to your registration, you will need to apply to vary your conditions of registration or change your regulated activities.

To request an amendment to your application

Contact us to discuss the change that you want to make. We will consider the change that you propose and decide whether it is a material change or not. A material change is one that will make a material difference to our risk assessment of your application.

Material changes to an application

Examples of material changes include changes to:

  • any declaration that the application form asks you for
  • the details of a Nominated Individual
  • the details of a Registered Manager
  • the actual locations from where regulated activity will be carried on (but not just errors in the address details)
  • the regulated activities applied for.

If we decide your proposed amendment is a material change, we will ask you to complete a full resubmission of your application. We will advise you on how to do this, depending on how you submitted your application.

Non-material changes to an application

Examples of non-material changes can include:

  • a typo in a location address
  • changes to a telephone number or email address
  • changes to service user bands or service types (although we may alter the way we assess an application if you change these)

If we decide that the amendment is not a material change, we will tell you to complete this form:

Application amendment request form (doc, 108.50kB, English)

Send the form to:

We will then be able to make the change to your application on your behalf.

If we notice an error or omission on your application

When we receive your application we will check that it is complete. We call this process validation, see next steps after you submit your application.

If we notice a minor error or omission that could be addressed by an amendment, we will contact you to arrange this. If it’s a significant amendment, we may need to reject your application.

We may recommend you consider whether to withdraw your application if at validation we believe that:

  • you may not have applied for the correct regulated activities
  • your locations don’t take account of our guidance.