Supporting documents: provider registration application

Page last updated: 20 May 2024

You must upload these documents with your application.

Your documents must contain sufficient detail to be assessed. We will review your documents in conjunction with your application. Any documents not meeting the minimum requirements set out below will result in your application and documents being returned to you.

Whether creating your own document or using pre-populated policy templates, you must make sure:

  • all sections requiring your input are completed and are not left blank
  • documents must match the services you are applying for and not contain information unrelated to your application
  • documents do not contain confidential personal information relating to service users or other members of the public
  • links within the document work and take you to the correct target.

Where it states a policy must be signed, typed signatures on a document submitted digitally are acceptable.

Additional documents

When we assess your application we may need more information from you. We may ask you for some of these documents, depending on the type of service you plan to provide.

How to apply

Register as a new provider

Templates and forms