Statement of purpose

Page last updated: 12 March 2024
Organisations we regulate

Your statement of purpose describes what you do, where you do it and who you do it for.

All registered providers must have an accurate, up-to-date statement of purpose. It is a legal requirement (see guidance on Regulation 12: Statement of purpose).

What your statement of purpose must include

Your statement of purpose must include the following information:

About your business

  • name of the business
  • type of business (legal status) - for example sole trader, partnership, or organisation
  • your business address, telephone number and email address (including address for serving notices or other documents)
  • names of any partners in your business.

Your aims and objectives

These are your aims and objectives in providing the activities we regulate at the locations you operate.

Places where you provide services

We call these locations. For each of your locations, your statement of purpose must record:

  • the address and other contact details
  • a description of your location
  • the type of service you provide at or from the location
  • the different needs of people who use your service
  • the activities we regulate that you provide at the location
  • the registered manager who manages those activities at the location.

Your registered managers

For each of your registered managers, your statement of purpose must include:

  • their full name and contact details
  • the address we should use to serve notices and other documents to them
  • the locations they manage and the percentage of time they spend at each
  • the activities we regulate that they manage
  • details of any job share arrangements.

Applying for a new registration

You apply online for your registration. Our new registration application system identifies information in your application that is also needed in your statement of purpose.

We ask you to complete a section describing the aims and objectives for your proposed service. This is specifically for your statement of purpose.

If we approve your registration application the system creates your statement of purpose.

Changing your registration details

If you make changes to your service or to your registration you may need to update your statement of purpose. You must keep your statement of purpose up-to-date and notify us of any changes.

Update your statement of purpose

Follow these steps:

  1. Use your existing statement of purpose.
  2. Update your statement of purpose with the new information
  3. Notify us of the change to your statement of purpose and email a copy of your updated statement of purpose with your notification.
  4. Keep your statement of purpose in a safe place.

Templates for your statement of purpose

You may find it helpful to record changes on one or more of these templates.

To record the relevant information about your business.

To record your aims and objectives.

To record the information about your locations. You’ll need to record this information for each of your locations.

To  record the relevant information about your registered managers. You’ll need to record this information for each of your registered managers.

If you use our templates, copy and paste all the parts into one document before submitting it with your application.