Data and insight jobs at CQC

Page last updated: 17 May 2024

Help us transform the way we use data and insight at CQC 

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CQC is changing. Our Data and Insight Unit is helping us become a smarter, more flexible and insight-driven regulator.

The unit is revolutionising how we work. The insights we discover help us improve and adapt how we regulate. The unit also helps teams across CQC to use data to make informed decisions.

Our data-based approach helps us improve how we identify trends across the health and care system. We can share those trends and our unique perspective in our reports and publications. This helps us increase awareness and promote change.

Join us and use your skills and knowledge to help us transform our organisation. You'll not only gain experience that will shape your career. You'll use the latest and most innovative tools and datasets, and work with people at the leading edge of research. Your work will impact the millions of people who use health and social care in England each day.

What we do

CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. 

We inspect, monitor and rate a wide range of services. This includes care homes, hospitals, dental services and more. 

We make sure services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. We encourage them to improve. If we find poor care, we will take action to protect people.

We use our insight and independent voice to promote a national conversation on safety across health and care sectors and systems.

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What you could be doing

Jobs in data and insight range from graduate roles to senior positions. We have specialists of all levels and backgrounds.

Depending on your role, you will join one of our 6 specialist teams. Each has an important part to play in shaping the future of health and social care.

Analytic Content

  • Develop and maintain data and risk information about the quality of care in services.
  • Lead on how we collect data from the services we regulate and how we use it.
  • Work in partnership with external bodies to source data relevant to CQC's work.
  • Potential roles in this team include Principal Researcher, Researcher, Principal Analyst, Data Scientist, Senior Analyst and Analyst.

Enterprise Data and Reporting

  • Ensure CQC has robust, well-engineered and sustainable data tools and services.
  • Help to transform the organisation's use of data to drive even greater value and impact.
  • Check our data is always of the highest quality.
  • Create and maintain best practice principles for managing and understanding our data.
  • Build internal knowledge and skills to ensure the impact of data visualisation and reporting. 
  • Potential roles in this team include Data Architect, Data Governance Lead, Data Engineer, Visualisation Lead and Data Modeller.

Insight Products

  • Provide products that visualise our data.
  • Help bring data and insight alive and engage users by telling the story of the data.
  • Support insight-driven regulatory decision-making.
  • Potential roles in this team include Principal Analyst, Product Owner, Qualitative Analyst and Quantitative Analyst.

Operational Insights

  • Be the first contact for anyone at CQC who needs support from the Data and Insight Unit.
  • Support our aim of being an insight-driven organisation by: 
    • helping operations to use data and insight products and content effectively 
    • providing specialised analysis to influence operational decision making 
    • providing advice on the use of data and development of regulatory approaches 
  • Potential roles in this team include Principal Analyst, Senior Analyst and Analyst.

Advisory and Enablement

  • Be part of the data usage and insight centre of excellence.
  • Support the unit to be innovative in techniques, technology and thinking.
  • Encourage engagement through participation in communities of practice and guilds.
  • Drive best practice in the following areas:
    • research
    • qualitative analytics
    • data science
    • artificial intelligence.
  • Support the unit to apply new ways of working.
  • Build a culture of continuous learning and development.
  • Potential roles in this team include Innovation Practice Lead, Data Science Practice Lead, Qualitative Analytics Practice Lead and Agile Delivery Practice Lead.

Strategic Insight

  • Provide analysis and insight to support our:
    • strategic objectives
    • regulatory priorities
    • national statutory reporting.
  • Support our independent voice projects, including our annual State of Care report.
  • Identify new and emerging trends and areas of focus for CQC.
  • Potential roles in this team include Quantitative Analyst, Qualitative Analyst, Data Scientist and Statistician.

"Our team plays a key role in the delivery of CQC’s strategy. Join us if you want to use your data and insight skills in a purposeful way, and transform how we use data in an organisation.

“You’ll work with others to succeed, take accountability for your work, and learn when things don’t go as expected. You’ll also have fun along the way."

Angelico Fetta  
Director of Data and Insight

“There are some excellent opportunities for development and growth at CQC. 

"As part of my personal development, I’m part of the Data and Insight Unit’s Qualitative Guild. Since joining, I have become more confident and developed my analytic skills. I have also had many networking opportunities.” 

Wayne Bennett 
Analyst, Strategic Insight

"One of the things I enjoy about my job is the opportunity to work on projects that involve different teams.

"My role involves promoting a culture of agility in the Data and Insight Unit. I also help to adopt DevOps practices.

"The accredited agile training gave me the knowledge and skills to apply agile frameworks in my projects. For instance, Scrum and Kanban.”

Vanessa Wong
Senior Analyst, Analytic Content

Libbie Read

"When I joined CQC as a Graduate Analyst in 2019, I was amazed by how lovely, encouraging and welcoming everybody was.

"I now work as a Senior Analyst in Operational Insights. I'm still loving it. The work is interesting, varied and fast-paced. The culture is friendly, understanding and encouraging. It is a positive learning environment too.

"Questions are always welcome and there is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’. Knowing my work supports the quality of the health and care that the public, my friends and my family use makes it all the more worthwhile."

Libbie Read
Senior Quantitative Analyst, Operational Insight

"There are many benefits to working as a Data Engineer at CQC.

"Firstly, you can help make a real difference in the health and social care sector. You can do this by ensuring the data used by CQC is accurate and reliable.

"Secondly, you'll get the opportunity to work with and support an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP). This platform uses the latest cutting-edge technology.

"Finally, CQC will support your training and development. For example, Data Engineers can complete Microsoft Azure certifications. This helps to develop and maintain the EDP."

Zoe Firth, Data Engineer, Enterprise Data & Reporting