Ambulance survey of 'Hear and Treat' callers 2013/14

Page last updated: 12 May 2022

This survey looked at the experiences of over 2,900 people who called an ambulance service in December 2013 and January 2014.

What is ‘Hear and Treat’?

‘Hear and Treat’ is the telephone advice that callers who do not have serious or life threatening conditions receive from an ambulance service after calling 999.

They may receive advice on how to care for themselves or where they might go to receive assistance.

Eligibility and participation

  • Participants: 2,902

  • Response rate: 55 per cent

  • Age range: 18 years and older

  • Time period: December 2013 and January 2014

  • Eligibility: Callers aged 18 years and over who contacted the ambulance service in December 2013 or January 2014

  • Exclusions: The sample excluded callers with conditions relating to pregnancy, domestic disputes or severe mental health issues

Results for England

Callers were asked about the advice they were given during their 999 call. Although the majority of people were positive, some did not understand or agree with the advice given at the end of the call.

Overall, callers were more likely to agree with the decision to not send an ambulance if they had received a full explanation of the reasons.

Read the documents below for more information...

Download the national summary which describes the findings for England as a whole.

Ambulance survey 2013-2014: National summary

Download the national tables which contain tables showing the percentage results for each question.

Ambulance survey 2013-2014: National tables

Results for NHS Trusts

These results show how trusts performed on questions that could be scored in each area covered by the survey.

The technique used to analyse these results allows us to identify which trusts we can confidently say performed ‘above’ (better) ‘below’ (worse) or ‘average’ (about the same) compared with most other trusts.

View the A-Z list of survey results by NHS ambulance trust.

Each trust was also provided with a benchmark report which provides more detail about the data on our NHS trust pages. Download these benchmark reports from the NHS Surveys website.

Download the technical document below for detailed information on how we analysed the trust results.

Ambulance survey 2013-2014: Technical document

How will the results be used?

The detailed survey results have been provided back to NHS ambulance trusts who are expected to take action based on the results.

We will also use the results as part of our work on reviewing ambulance services. 

Other organisations...

The organisations below will use the results in the following ways.

  • NHS England - results will be used to check progress and improvement against the objectives set out in the NHS mandate. 

  • The Department of Health - results will be used to gain insights on how emergency ambulance services are delivered which will help inform policy. 

  • The NHS Trust Development Authority - results will inform its oversight, approvals and development work with trusts.