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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 2 April 2014

  • Blackpool Victoria, which is the main hospital site and the focus of much of its work
  • Clifton Hospital, which currently has four wards, mainly for elderly care and rehabilitation (with one outpatient clinic)
  • Fleetwood Hospital.

This report relates to the Fleetwood Hospital site.

Fleetwood Hospital is a community unit that serves residents from Wyre and surrounding areas.

It is located approximately eight miles north of the main trust headquarters.

There is an outpatient department which houses seven consulting suites, one of which has been adapted for Audiology. It also provides diagnostic Radiology services on the site. Fleetwood Hospital’s outpatient clinics include ear, nose and throat and gynaecological services. There is also a small ulcer clinic.

At this hospital we looked at outpatient clinics.

We spoke with patients and members of the public in the outpatients department.

Overall we found that services provided at the Fleetwood hospital were provided in an, effective, caring manner, that they were responsive to the needs of those using the services and were well led.

Patients records were difficult to locate, and the information within them was not easy to find. This could delay patients access to care and hinder decision making.

Patients we spoke to were very positive about the care they received. Patients were very complimentary about the caring nature of the staff. Volunteers supported the patients during their time in the hospital.

However, patients we spoke to did not know how to make a complaint nor how to make the trust aware of any comments on the service. The trust is losing valuable feedback and development opportunities for its services.

There was good leadership of the outpatient service.

Inspection areas


Requires improvement

Updated 2 April 2014

We spoke to patients in all areas of the outpatients departments in Fleetwood. Overall, patients felt the staff at the hospital were providing a safe service.

We observed that it was difficult to find information in the patients notes; and that records were difficult to locate. We concluded that access to hospital records is a challenge for outpatient services at Fleetwood and that this may delay access and hinder decision making.

We concluded that the majority of staff were up to date in mandatory training, including safeguarding vulnerable adults and child protection training. All staff told us that they had annual appraisals. Appraisals and training are an important part of the ongoing development of staff to ensure their knowledge is up to date.

Staff knew where to access emergency equipment, and had checked it regularly. This meant that in an emergency, appropriate equipment would be available.

The areas were clean and tidy.


Not sufficient evidence to rate

Updated 2 April 2014

We concluded that services are effective. The trust allocate staff with the relevant skill mix and knowledge to the different outpatient departments. We saw that staff in all outpatient areas were extremely busy, but staffing levels were sufficient to meet the needs of the patients. This meant that there were enough staff to respond to their needs.

Staff knew how to respond to vulnerable patients and patients with specific needs.



Updated 2 April 2014

We concluded that services were caring. Patients were all very positive about the care provided by staff. They told us “Staff are really friendly” and “The staff are always welcoming”.

The chaplaincy team provided pastoral care and support.

We were told by patients we spoke to that the staff were always supportive. There were volunteers throughout the outpatient departments, assisting people with directions and offering support.


Requires improvement

Updated 2 April 2014

The service in the hospital was responsive to patient’s needs.

The outpatient department had access to chaperones, social workers and staff trained in working with vulnerable patients. Waiting times to be seen were good, which meant that patients were seen on time and avoided waiting overly long.

Fleetwood Hospital has a car park for patients directly in front of the hospital. Patients told us that it made it easier to get there on time and meant that they did not have to worry about the logistics of getting to the hospital.

We concluded that there was an opportunity to improve services through encouraging feedback from users of the service. We spoke to patients and relatives who told us that they did not know how to make a complaint at the trust. In all of the outpatient departments we visited, there was little knowledge of the Patient Relation Services (PRS) that had previously been called the Patient Advice and Liaison Services.

The staffing levels on all outpatients departments were adequate, although staff were observed to be extremely busy.



Updated 2 April 2014

Services at Fleetwood Hospital were well led.

We saw how the trust was monitoring the outpatient departments and improving the services it provided. For example, it had initiated the Jubb Report, which looked at actions required in response to previous incidents within the trust.

The Outpatients Survey 2013 showed that the trust has been in the top 20 of all NHS trusts for 11 questions out of 39 questions.

We saw there were clear leadership structures in place and staff were very supportive of their colleagues. Outpatient staff said that they were well supported in their roles.

Checks on specific services

Outpatients and diagnostic imaging


Updated 2 April 2014

We found that the patient experience in outpatient services at Fleetwood was good. Patients told us that waiting times were always low, that they were often seen on time and that they were generally happy with the service they received.

We found that patients received effective, safe and appropriate care. The outpatient areas at Fleetwood were clean and well maintained.

We found that all of the outpatient areas respected patients’ privacy and dignity by seeing patients in consultation rooms.

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