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Layout and features

Our website has a clear public focus. We want the public to understand who we are and what we do. The site features a clear and prominent strap line to communicate our role.

The site has a section for you – Guidance for providers – that includes all the information and guidance you need.

We also have a separate site – the Provider Portal – where you can make changes to your registration and send us notifications about events and changes. The Provider Portal is now available to most types of provider.

Search function

Visitors to our site can search and compare services, based on the judgements we have made. They can search in a variety of ways – by name, type of service or location. Once they have carried out a search, visitors can compare and choose services.

When we inspect a service, we normally rate them according to whether we judge the quality of their care to be 'outstanding', 'good', 'requires improvement' or 'inadequate'. However, there are some cases where don't publish a rating, or where we display tick or cross symbols instead.

From the results page, visitors can find out more about the services by clicking on their names.

Your profile page

Every provider registered with us has a profile page on the website. There is also a page for each of their locations. These pages include a summary of our latest judgements.

Locations we've rated

After we've inspected a location, we now publish an overall summary and in most cases a rating. We publish individual ratings for how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led the service is. In some sectors we also publish ratings for specific services such as A&E or surgery.

When visitors click on an inspection area or a specific service, the panel opens to show a summary, a link to our latest inspection report and the date the report was published.

Locations inspected under our old inspection approach

Until 2014, our inspection approach measured compliance with the 'essential standards', which were replaced by the Government's fundamental standards in April 2014. Under our old inspection approach, we published our judgement on whether the service was meeting each of the 16 essential standards.

You'll find the standards grouped under five chapters. The tick or cross for each chapter is determined by the worst judged standard within that chapter. For example, if one standard within chapter 2 was judged with a grey cross, then the whole chapter cannot be judged any higher than a grey cross overall. A tick shows compliance and a cross shows non-compliance.

When visitors click on a chapter, the panel opens to show our latest judgement for each of the standards, along with a summary and the date of when the standard was last checked. It also includes a link to the inspector's full report.

We gather other information on the profile page from a number of sources, including the information you have submitted to us through your application for registration. Visitors can select tabs to see your registration information and contact details. They can also sign up to receive alerts when locations are inspected.

Each profile page also links to PDFs of previous reports about the location.

Keeping the website up to date

The information included on your profile page will reflect what is on your latest certificate. If you make a change to your registration (for example, add a new location) those details will be added to the website once your amended certificate has been generated. If you are in the process of registering and have received your Notice of Decision but not yet received your certificate, your profile will display a simple statement confirming that you are in the final stages of being registered and that we will publish your registration details shortly.

Once we have completed an inspection, we will publish our findings and update our judgements on the website accordingly. Inspection reports (and any amendments to our judgements about your compliance) will be published on our website within 14 days of the report being finalised following the factual accuracy check.

Last updated:
10 August 2017


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