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Archived: Lovedean Homecare Good

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Inspection carried out on 13 April 2016

During a routine inspection

This was an unannounced inspection carried out on the 13 and 14 April 2016.

Lovedean Homecare is a domiciliary care agency registered to provide personal care and support to people who live in their own home. At the time of our inspection, there were 27 people using the service.

The provider had safeguarding policies and procedures in place. All staff received safeguarding adults and children training to raise awareness of how to recognise signs of potential abuse and poor practice and what actions they would need to take. Staff were confident in their knowledge and understanding of abuse.

People were protected from the risk of harm because risks to people were assessed and the provider had put steps in place to minimise them.

People received flexible and responsive care because they were supported by sufficient numbers of staff.

People received their medicines at appropriate times and accurate records were maintained.

People and relatives felt listened to by staff and said their requests were acted upon in a timely manner.

People felt that staff treated them with dignity and respect.

People and relatives were involved in the development of care plans and were able to express how they preferred to received care.

Staff were supportive in helping people to maintain their independence as far as was practicable.

Processes for recruiting staff were safe and thorough to ensure staff were suitable for their role. People's needs were understood and met by the right amount of skilled and experienced staff.

Staff were supported by the provider. Supervision and appraisal sessions were regularly completed to reflect on good practice and areas of improvement.

The provider had robust quality assurance and data management systems in place to ensure quality of service provision.

Inspection carried out on 12 December 2013

During a routine inspection

During our visit we heard that people were being treated with dignity and respect and people's independence was encouraged. People were spoken to in a respectful way. One person told us "they make sure that I have privacy when I want it - they are very good. The girls help me to make sure I can do things for myself around the house. They are very supportive and I cannot praise them high enough".

Care plans that we looked at evidenced staff supporting people to make their own choices about what they had for lunch, what activities they took part in and what they needed support with. Staff knew exactly how each person communicated which meant people's wishes were understood and respected.

Records that we looked at evidenced that people were involved in choosing how and when they wanted their care and support. This indicated that people were involved in planning their care on a daily basis. One person using the service told us "they are good as gold. We have a laugh and joke together. They are the best I know and I would not change them at all. Most of the time I do not need to ask them - they offer to do things for me".

A family member told us "they are a great bunch and I would not want to lose any of them. You do not need to ask them to do anything, they will offer to do things".