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Dr J Pramanik & Dr J T Pramanik Practice Also known as Hornspit Medical Centre

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Hornspit Medical Centre, Hornspit Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 5LT (0151) 256 5755

Provided and run by:
Dr J Pramanik & Dr J T Pramanik Practice

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Background to this inspection

Updated 28 May 2021

Dr J Pramanik & Dr J T Pramanik Practice at Hornspit Medical Centre, Hornspit Lane, Liverpool L12 5LT. The practice has good transport links, a patient car park and there is a pharmacy located nearby.

The provider is registered with CQC to deliver the Regulated Activities; diagnostic and screening procedures, maternity and midwifery services and treatment of disease, disorder or injury.

Dr J Pramanik & Dr J T Pramanik Practice is situated within the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and provides services to 3879 patients under the terms of a general medical services (GMS) contract. This is a contract between general practices and NHS England for delivering services to the local community.

The practice has two partners, both female GPs and at the time of inspection there were three long term locums working at the practice. They are supported by one senior practice nurse, six reception / administrative staff and one practice manager. The practice covers the neighbourhood areas of Norris Green/ Croxteth and West Derby in the city of Liverpool. The practice is part of a wider network of GP practices and are a member of Care Enterprise Primary Care Network.

The National General Practice Profile states that 95% of the practice population has a white British background. Information published by Public Health England, rates the level of deprivation within the practice population group as two, on a scale of one to ten. Level one represents the highest levels of deprivation and level ten the lowest.

The practice has a higher number of older and younger age people and a lower number of working people registered than the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and England average. The practice caters for a high proportion of patients experiencing a long-standing pulmonary health care condition than national average and a higher prevalence of hypertension and depression than national average.

Due to the enhanced infection prevention and control measures put in place since the pandemic and in line with the national guidance, most GP appointments were telephone consultations. If the GP needs to see a patient face-to-face then the patient is offered a choice of either the main GP location or the branch surgery.

Out of hours services are provided by Primary Care 24 (Merseyside) Limited.

Overall inspection


Updated 28 May 2021

We have carried out an announced remote review for Dr J Pramanik & Dr J T Pramanik Practice at Hornspit Medical Centre, Hornspit Lane, Liverpool L12 5LT. Overall, the practice is rated as Good.

Following our previous inspection on 10 September 2019, the practice was rated Good overall and for Safe, Effective, Caring and Responsive services. However, Well Led services were rated as Requires Improvement.

The full reports for previous inspections can be found by selecting the ‘all reports’ link for Dr J Pramanik & Dr J T Pramanik Practice on our website at www.cqc.org.uk

Why we carried out this review.

This review was a focused follow-up without undertaking a site visit. The purpose of the review was to review the regulatory breach identified at the practice last inspection as follows:

  • Regulation 16 HSCA (RA) Regulations 2014 Receiving and acting on complaints.

The provider did not have an effective system for handling and responding to complaints. The regulation was not being met because the provider did not inform patients of the steps to take if they were not satisfied with the findings or investigation outcomes. This included their right to refer the matter to the Health Service Ombudsman.

We also reviewed the area where the provider should make an improvement by:

  • Ensuring the availability of equipment in the practice to manage medical emergencies taking into account the guidelines issued by the Resuscitation Council (UK).

How we carried out the review

Throughout the pandemic CQC has continued to regulate and respond to risk. However, taking into account the circumstances arising as a result of the pandemic, and in order to reduce risk, we have conducted our inspections differently. For this review we have requested evidence from the provider to ensure the breaches in regulations identified at the last inspection have been met.

Our findings

We based our judgement of the quality of care at this service on a combination of:

  • what we found during the review
  • information from our ongoing monitoring of data about services and
  • information from the provider, patients, the public and other organisations.

We have rated this practice as Good overall and Good for Well Led services.

We found that:

  • The practice had reviewed the complaints processes and information provided to patients on how to complain and response letters sent to complainants, now included information of the actions they could take if they were not satisfied with the investigation outcomes.

  • The practice had set up a contract for the supply of oxygen to be used in an emergency. The practice provided evidence to show they had appropriate equipment in place to respond to medical emergencies.

Details of our findings and the evidence supporting our ratings are set out in the evidence tables.

Dr Rosie Benneyworth BM BS BMedSci MRCGP

Chief Inspector of Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care