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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 19 March 2019

Werated ESH Community as good because:

  • There were good systems in place to keep clients safe during detoxification and recovery. Staff were skilled at observing, monitoring, recording and being alert to the health and well-being of clients.
  • The environment was safe and therapeutic. The service used new technology to support safe unobtrusive monitoring of clients undertaking detoxification.
  • The service was effective in ensuring recovery, both during and after a client’s admission. A major part of this was involving clients in frequent activities and therapies, both inside the service and out in the wider community. It helped to build clients’ resilience by involving families and carers and supporting them to develop new networks.
  • All staff worked together well, were open and transparent and communicated effectively.
  • The service was well-led by an experienced and ‘hands on’ management team, always available to advise and support.


  • There was no routine audit process in place to ensure information from assessments were reflected clearly within the care plan and risk assessment. However, there was no impact on patient care and no evidence of harm.
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Updated 19 March 2019

We rated safe as good because:

  • There were sufficient skilled, trained and knowledgeable staff to safely meet the needs of clients.

  • The environment was clean, well maintained and free from items that may be harmful to clients.

  • Clients were assessed before and upon admission, including physical health monitoring. Staff observed clients regularly, and monitored care and treatment to a good standard. Staff showed good awareness of what to look for in clients undergoing detoxification or showing distress.

  • Medicines were stored, administered and recorded safely. They were reviewed regularly and medicines charts were clear and up-to-date.

  • There were good safety systems in place, including staff call alarms and client monitoring devices. The service planned for the safety of anyone exiting treatment unexpectedly. The service had no safety incidents in its first year.


  • Risks and how they were to be managed were not always recorded clearly in the initial assessment document.



Updated 19 March 2019

We rated effective as good because:

  • The service assessed clients upon admission, including their physical health, and continued this throughout their stay.

  • The service worked effectively to ensure recovery was enduring, providing good detoxification and abstinence regimes and providing support once clients had left the service.

  • The service supported clients to attend external groups and meetings during their time with ESH, helping them to build networks and support for when they left. A family and social support worker supported clients to succeed in recovery after discharge.

    Technology was used effectively to support safety and well-being, such as the monitoring technology which enabled staff to know where clients were.

  • Staff worked closely as a team, effectively sharing information through handovers, team meetings and detailed observation notes and handovers.

  • There was good staff awareness of safe practice, based on good communication and monitoring.



Updated 19 March 2019

We rated caring as good because:

  • Staff were empathic, non-judgemental and extremely motivated to support people undertake an effective detox and a lasting recovery.

  • The service continued to offer support to people for an extended period of time after they had left the service, even if they chose not to access the aftercare programme.

  • Clients were fully involved, along with families and carers if they agreed, in their care and treatment.



Updated 19 March 2019

We rated responsive as good because:

  • Recovery plans were regularly reviewed and amended to meet clients’ individual needs.

  • People were admitted to the service promptly. There were no waiting lists.

  • The service focused on ensuring lasting recovery, rather than just abstinence at the point of discharge.

  • The environment was a therapeutic one, in a relaxed and relaxing setting, with suitable facilities and privacy.

  • The service facilitated positive contacts with families and carers.

  • Food was of a good quality, and nutritious meals were prepared to support physical well-being and recovery.

  • Clients were supported to attend regular activities and meetings in the wider community.



Updated 19 March 2019

We rated well-led as good because:

  • The service was well led by a ‘hands on’ and very visible leadership team who were readily available to advise and support.

  • All staff were consistent in their focus on enduring recovery for clients and post discharge support. They ensured the service was a safe space and an open, transparent place.

  • Staff were clear on their roles and responsibilities.

  • Staff throughout were enthusiastic and committed, and praised the support they were given by the service and were able to give each other.


The service did not routinely audit care records.

Checks on specific services

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Updated 19 March 2019