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Inspection carried out on 11 July 2019

During a routine inspection

About the service

Ryan Care Residential is a residential care home registered to provide accommodation and personal care for up to 15 people, including people living with dementia. At the time of our inspection 14 people were living at the home.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found

People told us they felt safe living at the home and there were enough staff to support them. One person said, “Oh yes I’m safe, I only have to press the button and [staff] are there in seconds.” Systems were in place to protect people from abuse and new staff were safely recruited.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

People’s needs were effectively assessed before they were supported by the home and staff worked effectively with other healthcare professionals to ensure people’s health and wellbeing was maintained. All the feedback about the food and drink at the home was positive. One person said, “The food is excellent, I can have a drink or snack anytime I want.”

All the people and relatives we spoke with gave us positive feedback about the staff at the home and we saw the staff knew the people they were supporting well. One person commented, “[The staff] are all great, I’m amazed by them. They’re all looking after us.”

People’s care plans reflected their needs and gave staff the information they needed to support them. People and their relatives were involved in the care planning and review process to ensure people’s care plans were person-centred. There was also a good range of activities on offer to people living at the home.

People and their relatives told us the home was well-led. There was a kind and caring culture amongst staff at the home and the health and social care professionals we spoke with gave us positive feedback about the leadership of the home.

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Rating at last inspection

The last rating for this service was good (published 9 August 2017).

Why we inspected

This was a planned inspection based on the previous rating.

Follow up

We will continue to monitor information we receive about the service until we return to visit as per our re-inspection programme. If we receive any concerning information we may inspect sooner.

Inspection carried out on 4 July 2017

During a routine inspection

Ryan care is a residential care home. They are registered to provide accommodation with personal care for up to 15 people. It is a family run care home situated close to Runcorn old town. There were 15 people living at the home living at the home on the day of our inspection. Some of whom were living with dementia. The home is a spacious bungalow with a level access garden area.

At the last inspection on 12 November 2014, the service was rated Good. At this inspection we found the service remained Good.

People continued to be safe as staff knew how to recognise and report signs of abuse or poor practice. Staff were aware of the risks associated with people’s needs and how to minimise these.

People were supported by enough staff to meet both their physical and social needs. The provider had safe recruitment procedures to ensure potential new staff were suitable to work at the home before they started to work there.

People received support to take their medicines safely. Only staff who had received training in the safe handling of medicine administered them. People were supported to access health care as necessary.

People continued to be supported by staff who had the skills and knowledge to meet their individual needs.

People enjoyed the food and were given choice. Where necessary staff helped people to eat in a patient and dignified manner.

People are supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff support them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service support this practice.

People found staff to be kind and caring. Staff had formed positive working relationships with people and their relatives. People were offered choice and were involved in decisions about their care. Staff respected people’s dignity and supported them to keep their independence.

People continued to receive care and support that tailored to their individual needs. Staff knew people well and were able to respond quickly and appropriately to changes.

People had not had cause to raise any complaints but felt confident and able to speak to staff or manager if they had any concerns.

The management team were approachable and supportive. People and their relatives considered the service to be well run and were complimentary about the support provided.

There was an open and inclusive culture at the service. Where the registered manager had a clear vision for the service which was shared with and worked towards by staff and management.

The provider had a range of checks in place to drive improvements in the service.

Further information is in the detailed findings below

Inspection carried out on 12/11/14

During a routine inspection

The inspection was unannounced and took place on 14 November 2014. The last inspection of Ryan Residential Home took place on the 17 October 2013 when it was found to be meeting all the regulatory requirements.

The service has a registered manager. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

Ryan Care residential is a small family run care home situated close to Runcorn old town. The home provides support and personal care for up to 15 older people some of whom are living with dementia.

The relationships we saw were dignified with staff and people who used the service treating each other with mutual respect. People living at the service told us that they were treated well by people who showed that they really cared. Comments included; “I feel that this is my home”, “Staff are good to me” and “I did not think that a home could be so good.”

Arrangements were in place to protect people from the risk of abuse. Relatives of the people living in the home told us that they felt that their loved ones were safe and supported at Ryan Care. Comments included; “Staff are very good at picking up visual clues and as a consequence they are aware of any risk and ensure people are kept safe” and “The staff are well trained in all aspects of protecting people from harm and we know that X is safe and happy in this home.”

We spoke to staff about their understanding of The Mental Capacity Act 2005 [MCA] and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, [DOLs]. These are laws that help to protect the interests of vulnerable people who lack ability to consent on an issue and to make sure their liberty was not unduly restricted. Staff spoken with said that they had received training in all aspects of adult protection and they demonstrated via discussion that they had clear understanding in relation to adult protection.

Before people moved into the home they were visited by the registered manager and information about their needs was gathered from them. We saw that the home used an assessment of capacity to determine if people were able to consent to their care and treatment. Information was obtained from families and other health professionals such as social workers prior to the person being admitted to the home and this was documented in the files. The care files we looked at contained the relevant information regarding background history of the people who lived in the home. People told us that this information was recorded to enable the staff to understand people’s backgrounds and needs and to know what people liked or disliked and of how they wished to live their life.

Discussions with staff members identified that they felt happy and supported and worked well as a team. They told us that the manager was most supportive and she led by example. Comments included; “I have joined a good staff team. Everyone is supportive; we are encouraged to gain as many qualifications as we can. We work together as a family. We get quality supervision and always work together as a team.”

The service had a robust quality assurance system in place which used various checks and audit tools to monitor and review the practices within the home.

Inspection carried out on 17 October 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with seven people who lived at Ryan Care and four of their relatives. People told us they were respected as individuals and felt happy and content with their surroundings. Comments included; "I did not know that places like this existed. This is not a care home its like one big happy family"; "staff treat us very well and always ask us what we want" and "we are provided with full information about everything that goes on here and people who live here are respected, well treated and happy."

People's relatives said they felt very much at home when they visited and were treated as "one of the family." One person said "I am so happy with this home. My mother is so well looked after, has made good friends and is happy and contented here. It takes away my stress and I can now sleep at nights knowing she is safe and well cared for."

The manager was able to show us the staff training records she was keeping and the staff members we spoke with all confirmed that their training was up to date. Staff told us they were well trained and supported to provide good quality care.

The home manager talked with family members on a regular basis. This meant that information about the quality of service provided was gathered on a continuous and on-going basis with direct feedback.

Inspection carried out on 20 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with six people who lived at the home and five of their relatives. People told us they were happy with their care and support and loved living in the home. Comments included, "the staff here are all so wonderful", "staff are kindness itself" and "I am at peace here and will stay forever." A relative told us that the staffing levels were high and staff were knowledgeable and experienced in providing a caring environment together with quality care.

One relative said, "I never worry when I leave here because they look after her so well." Another relative who frequently visited the home said, "The staff treat them all so well. Staff are kind and caring." Other comments included, "At last I can sleep at night knowing that mum is so happy and well cared for" and "Staff don't just look after the people who live here, they look after the families as well." People told us that they had found new hobbies and interests since they moved into the home. One person said they had started playing table tennis and bowls, something they had never done before.

People told us they were invited to meetings and care reviews and provided with questionnaires to enable them to give their views of the staff and services provided. People said they knew what to do if they had cause for concern but had never needed to complain as the services were "wonderful."