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Archived: Red Hill Court Care Home

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Inspection carried out on 1 September 2011

During a routine inspection

People we spoke to were complimentary about staff and told us that if they called for assistance staff would respond to them promptly. People living in the home were able to choose where to spend their time. During our observations we saw that the majority of people chose to stay in their own rooms. During this time we saw people sitting for long periods alone and without engagement with staff. When we spoke with staff they told us that they were usually too busy to have time to sit and have a chat with people living in the home.

On the day of our visit to the home a letter had been received by the home from the relatives of one person who lived in the home. The letter praised the treatment from staff and the fact that people were offered choice and able to express their individual preferences.

People we spoke to said they felt safe living in the home and that staff treated them with dignity and respect.

The relative of one person told us that they were able to be involved in the care of their relative and that that they were kept up to date with any changes in their well being.

Another relative told us that they visited the home each day and felt satisfied with the care their relative received. They were able to assist at mealtimes and take meals with their relative. They said staff were very attentive and ensured appropriate skin care was done.

An activity coordinator was employed to work in the home for 35 hours per week across the three units. The coordinator works over five days providing recreational activities for all of the people who live in the home. Activities took place in a group setting and on a one to one basis depending on what people preferred.

No information about planned activities was on display but we were told that a weekly programme was given to nursing staff, and people who lived in the home were told verbally what activities would be taking place. On the day of our visit a religious service was being held.

We were told that it was expected that activities would continue to be provided outside of these hours and should be provided by care staff. When we spoke with care staff about this there was a lack of clarity.

Records were kept of all complaints and compliments received. People we spoke to told us that they felt comfortable to raise any concerns with the home manager and that their comments would be taken seriously.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)