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St Anselm's Nursing Home Requires improvement

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Requires improvement

Updated 26 April 2019

About the service:

St Anslem’s nursing home is a care home that was providing personal or nursing care to 26 adults who have mental health needs and may be living with dementia.

People’s experience of using this service:

• People indicated and told us they felt safe living at the service, however, not all areas of the service were consistently safe.

• Staff administered people’s medicines, but these were not managed safely, putting people at risk of not receiving their medicines as prescribed.

• People were supported by sufficient numbers of staff who knew them well and their choices and preferences, however, staff had not been recruited safely.

• People were living in an environment that smelt of urine and the carpets were worn and stained.

• Environmental checks and risk assessments were not consistently recorded or updated, to make sure that the environment was safe for people.

• Checks and audits on the quality of the service had not been consistently completed and were not effective in identifying the shortfalls identified at this inspection.

• When accidents and incidents occurred, action was taken to reduce the risk of them happening again and these actions had been effective. However, they had not been analysed to identify patterns and trends.

• Potential risks to people’s health and welfare had been assessed and there was guidance in place for staff to manage behaviour and keep people safe.

• Staff and the registered manager understood their responsibility to protect people from abuse.

• People’s needs were assessed creating a detailed care plan, which was reviewed regularly. Where possible people were involved in planning their care.

• People were encouraged to make decisions about their daily lives and supported to live their lives with the least restrictions possible.

• People benefited from access to healthcare professionals and staff followed their guidance to keep people as healthy as possible.

• People knew how to complain, their concerns were investigated and used to develop their care plans.

• We observed people being treated with kindness and respect. People were supported to be as independent as possible.

• People benefited from an open and relaxed atmosphere in the service. They appeared to be comfortable in the company of the registered manager, who knew and understood their needs.

Rating at last inspection:

Good (report published 25 October 2016).

Why we inspected:

This was a planned inspection planned on the rating of the last inspection. We found that the service no longer met the characteristics of Good. The domains of safe and well led are now rated Requires Improvement. The overall rating is now Requires Improvement.

Follow up:

We will work with the provider following this report being published to understand and monitor how they will make changes to ensure the service improves their rating to at least Good.

For more details, please see the full report which is on the CQC website at

Inspection areas


Requires improvement

Updated 26 April 2019

The service was not always safe

Details are in our Safe findings below.



Updated 26 April 2019

The service was effective

Details are in our Effective findings below.



Updated 26 April 2019

The service was caring

Details are in our Caring findings below.



Updated 26 April 2019

The service was responsive

Details are in our Responsive findings below.


Requires improvement

Updated 26 April 2019

The service was not always well-led

Details are in our Well-Led findings below.