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Jacobs Clinic

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Firsway Health Centre, 121 Firs Way, Sale, M33 4BR (0161) 647 8039

Provided and run by:
Jacobs Clinic Ltd

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Background to this inspection

Updated 7 November 2022

This service provides community based care. The service was initially registered to provide care and treatment to clients with substance use problems, including community detoxification arrangements and maintenance treatment. This was provided on a private basis.

The service had then registered additionally to provide an assessment and treatment service for adults who may have attention deficit disorders. This was predominantly provided through commissioning arrangements and included assessment, diagnosis and treatment initiation and review.

At the time of this inspection, the substance misuse service had seen less than ten patients and the attention deficit disorder service had seen 70 patients.

The service was registered with CQC in 2021 and had a registered manager.

This was the first inspection for this service.

Overall inspection


Updated 7 November 2022

This is the first inspection for this service. We rated it as good because:

  • The service provided safe care. Clinical premises where clients were seen were safe and clean. Staff assessed and managed risk well and followed good practice with respect to safeguarding.
  • Staff developed holistic, recovery-oriented treatment plans informed by a comprehensive assessment. They provided a range of treatments that were informed by best-practice guidance and suitable to the needs of the clients. Staff engaged in clinical audit to evaluate the quality of care they provided.
  • Staff treated clients with compassion and kindness, respected their privacy and dignity, and understood the individual needs of clients. They actively involved clients in care decisions.
  • The service was easy to access. Staff assessed and treated clients who were referred promptly.
  • The service was well led and the governance processes ensured that that procedures relating to the work of the service ran smoothly.