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Croft House Care Home Limited Outstanding

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Updated 25 September 2020

Croft House is a residential care home close to Keighley. It provides personal care for up to 29 people aged 65 and over.

We found the following examples of good practice.

¿ There have been no positive cases of COVID 19 in the service during the pandemic.

¿ Good controls were in place which ensured anyone entering the service did so safely. Detailed COVID 19 information was posted outside advising visitors of procedures. On entry each person’s health and temperature was checked and. if safe to proceed, full hand washing/sanitising and donning of PPE took place.

¿ People had been included in staff infection control training to help them understand and become less anxious of staff wearing PPE.

¿ The service is in local lockdown and currently closed to visitors. However, prior to lockdown outside visiting had taken place in a marquee with separate entrances; one for people and staff, the other for relatives. Perspex screening was in place which allowed people to sit opposite one another yet remain shielded. A microphone enhanced communication for people with a hearing loss.

¿ Staff supported people to stay in contact with relatives and friends via video calling.

¿ There was an increased focus on providing meaningful activities to engage people which had reduced levels of anxiety. Additional staffing hours were provided to ensure people had regular contact, especially when isolating in their rooms.

¿ Enhanced cleaning schedules include the use of a specialist sanitiser machine which is certified COVID effective and used to deep clean and sanitise rooms.

Further information is in the detailed findings below.

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Updated 25 September 2020

We were assured the service was following safe infection prevention and control procedures to keep people safe.



Updated 22 February 2020

The service was extremely effective.

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Updated 22 February 2020

The service was extremely caring.

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Updated 22 February 2020

The service was extremely responsive.

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Updated 22 February 2020

The service was extremely well-led.

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