Single assessment framework

Page last updated: 22 February 2024


Care provision, integration, and continuity

Quality statement

We expect providers, commissioners and system leaders live up to this statement:

We understand the diverse health and care needs of people and our local communities, so care is joined-up, flexible and supports choice and continuity.

What this quality statement means

  • People receive care and treatment from services that understand the diverse health and social care needs of their local communities.
  • There is continuity in people’s care and treatment because services are flexible and joined-up.
  • People’s care and treatment is delivered in a way that meets their assessed needs from services that are co-ordinated and responsive.
  • Delivering and co-ordinating services considers the needs and preferences of different people, including those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act and those at most risk of a poorer experience of care.

I statements

I statements reflect what people have said matters to them.

  • I have care and support that is co-ordinated, and everyone works well together and with me.
  • I am in control of planning my care and support. If I need help with this, people who know and care about me are involved.

Subtopics this quality statement covers

  • Availability and provision of services
  • Eligibility/funding
  • Continuity of care, support and treatment

Local authority assessments

We consider this quality statement, care provision, integration and continuity, under theme 2: providing support.