Single assessment framework

Page last updated: 22 February 2024


Monitoring and improving outcomes

Quality statement

We expect providers, commissioners and system leaders live up to this statement:

We routinely monitor people’s care and treatment to continuously improve it. We ensure that outcomes are positive and consistent, and that they meet both clinical expectations and the expectations of people themselves.

What this quality statement means

  • People who use the service consistently experience positive outcomes. These meet agreed expectations as set out in legislation, standards and evidence-based clinical guidance.
  • There are effective approaches to monitor people’s care and treatment and their outcomes.
  • This means that continuous improvements are made to people’s care and treatment.

I statements

I statements reflect what people have said matters to them.

  • I have care and support that is co-ordinated, and everyone works well together and with me.
  • I have care and support that enables me to live as I want to, seeing me as a unique person with skills, strengths and goals.

Subtopics this quality statement covers

  • Clinical outcomes
  • Benchmarking 
  • Service accreditation schemes
  • Quality of life outcomes