Responding to people's immediate needs

Responding to people's immediate needs

Quality statement

We expect providers, commissioners and system leaders live up to this statement:

We listen to and understand people’s needs, views and wishes. We respond to these in that moment and will act to minimise any discomfort, concern or distress.

What this quality statement means

  • People’s needs, views, wishes and comfort are a priority and staff quickly anticipate these to avoid any preventable discomfort, concern or distress.
  • Staff are alert to people’s needs and take time to observe, communicate and engage people in discussions about their immediate needs. They find out how to respond in the most appropriate way to respect their wishes.
  • Staff can quickly recognise when people need urgent help or support and use appropriate tools and technology to assist.

I statements

I statements reflect what people have said matters to them.

  • I am treated with respect and dignity
  • I am supported to manage my health in a way that makes sense to me.

Subtopics this quality statement covers

  • Communication
  • Anticipating need
  • Responding quickly