Independent doctors: evidence categories

Page last updated: 22 February 2024



When we assess a quality statement for independent doctors services we will usually look at evidence in the categories listed

Shared direction and culture

We have a shared vision, strategy and culture that is based on transparency, equity, equality and human rights, diversity and inclusion, engagement, and understanding and meeting the needs of people and our communities.

Evidence categories

Capable, compassionate and inclusive leaders

We have inclusive leaders at all levels who understand the context in which we deliver care, treatment and support and embody the culture and values of their workforce and organisation. They have the skills, knowledge, experience and credibility to lead effectively and do so with integrity, openness and honesty.

Evidence categories

Freedom to speak up

We create a positive culture where people feel that they can speak up and that their voice will be heard

Evidence categories

Workforce equality, diversity and inclusion

We value diversity in our workforce. We work towards an inclusive and fair culture by improving equality and equity for people who work for us.

Evidence categories

Governance management and sustainability

We have clear responsibilities, roles, systems of accountability and good governance to manage and deliver good quality, sustainable care, treatment and support. We act on the best information about risk, performance and outcomes, and we share this securely with others when appropriate.

Evidence categories

Partnership and communities

We understand our duty to collaborate and work in partnership, so our services work seamlessly for people. We share information and learning with partners and collaborate for improvement.

Evidence categories

Learning, improvement and innovation

We focus on continuous learning, innovation and improvement across our organisation and the local system. We encourage creative ways of delivering equality of experience, outcome and quality of life for people. We actively contribute to safe, effective practice and research.

Evidence categories

Environmental sustainability – sustainable development

We understand any negative impact of our activities on the environment and we strive to make a positive contribution in reducing it and support people to do the same.

Evidence categories