Independent doctors: evidence categories

Page last updated: 22 February 2024



When we assess a quality statement for independent doctors services we will usually look at evidence in the categories listed

Kindness, compassion and dignity

We always treat people with kindness, empathy and compassion and we respect their privacy and dignity. We treat colleagues from other organisations with kindness and respect.

Evidence categories

Treating people as individuals

We treat people as individuals and make sure their care, support and treatment meets their needs and preferences, taking account of their strengths, abilities, aspirations, culture and unique backgrounds and protected characteristics.

Evidence categories

Independence, choice and control

We promote people’s independence, so they know their rights and have choice and control over their own care, treatment. and wellbeing.

Evidence categories

Responding to people's immediate needs

We listen to and understand people’s needs, views and wishes. We respond to these in that moment and will act to minimise any discomfort, concern or distress.

Workforce wellbeing and enablement

We care about and promote the wellbeing of our staff, and we support and enable them to always deliver person centred care.

Evidence categories