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Survey programme information

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Find out more about how the NHS patient survey programme works, how to find results from previous surveys and where to find survey materials.

Survey programme background information

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Survey quality

Our statement about quality assurance within the programme:

Our policy on handling revisions and corrections to statistics:

An overview of issues around the quality of survey sample data:

How we preserve the impartiality and integrity of Patient Experience Statistics:


Our approach to maintaining patient confidentiality throughout the survey process:

A guide to why we ‘score’ data to create trust results:


Our approach to involving patients and the public in our work:

How our survey statistics have been used by others:/

Results for previous NHS Patient Surveys

Results of the latest NHS Patient Surveys are published here on the CQC website. Each survey page shows England level results and provides access to trust level results and results of earlier surveys.

Results of earlier surveys are archived at (both England level and trust level results).

A guide providing more detail on the strengths of the different statistics we publish is available here. However if you are unable to find materials you are looking for, please contact

Where to find survey materials

You can find materials used for the surveys (such as questionnaires, instruction manuals detailing how to carry out the surveys and letters sent to patients, etc) on the NHS surveys website. Materials for current surveys are available under the 'national surveys' tab, and materials for previous surveys can then be found by scrolling down to 'previous surveys'. On this site you can also find other publications such as development and methodological reports.

Last updated:
29 July 2021