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Provider: Mrs Tanya Michelle Upsall

Registration details

CQC register Mrs Tanya Michelle Upsall to carry out the following legally regulated activities.

Personal care

Condition of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered person must only support a maximum of 20 service users from or through their registered location.

The registered person must employ an administrator for a minimum of 14 hours each week. The post-holder must have a relevant qualification in administration, or a commitment to gaining a relevant qualification within 12 months of this condition becoming effective. The role of administrator must not be combined with that of registered person.

The registered person must complete a comprehensive quality improvement plan for the service. By 5PM on 28 May 2021, the registered provider must send to the Care Quality Commission a copy of this comprehensive quality improvement plan. By 5PM on the 28th of each month thereafter, the registered provider must send to the Care Quality Commission a monthly update setting out the progress made in regard to the improvement plan. This improvement plan must set out how the registered provider is addressing:

• the deployment of staffing resources and scheduling of care calls to meet people’s needs.

• the provision of mandatory training.

• the assessment and mitigation of potential risks to people’s safety and welfare in regard to staff recruitment; infection prevention and control; medicines administration; skincare and nutrition and hydration.

• individual care planning and review.

• organisational governance including auditing and monitoring of service provision; internal and external communication; invoicing; organisational learning and the duty of candour.

Registered services