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Provider: Medic Spot Limited Also known as Medicspot


Here's the list of all registered services provided by Medic Spot Limited

MedicSpot HQ Victoria Good

Doctors/GPs and Services in your home


  • Services for everyone
  • Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

MedicSpot, 6 Lower Belgrave Street, London, SW1W 0LJ
(020) 3637 8398
Provided by: Medic Spot Limited

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(Latest report published on 27 November 2019)

Archived services

Archived: Medicspot HQ

Archived on 10 December 2019. More about archived services.

Apartment 93, Elizabeth Court, 1 Palgrave Gardens, London, NW1 6EJ
(020) 3637 8398
Provided by: Medic Spot Limited

Archived: Office Headquarters Medic Spot Limited

We have not inspected this service yet
Archived on 13 January 2018. More about archived services.

Flat 3, Rossmore Court, Park Road, London, NW1 6XX
(020) 3637 6873
Provided by: Medic Spot Limited