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Provider: Mrs Charity Kelechi Earnshaw Also known as Rainbow Care Agency

We are carrying out checks on locations registered by this provider. We will publish the reports when our checks are complete.

Registration details

CQC register Mrs Charity Kelechi Earnshaw to carry out the following legally regulated activities.

Personal care

Condition of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

1) Within 14 days of this condition taking effect, the Registered Provider must complete audits at Charity Earnshaw, High View (off Greenbank), High Street, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth. Devon. EX10 0DZ, as detailed below, which ensure any risks identified have been assessed and mitigated appropriately.

(a) All service users’ risk assessments and care plans.

(b) Consent and decision-making documentation, including assessments under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

(c) Medicine administration.

(d) Staff training, supervision and competency checks.

2) Within 14 days of the audits being completed, the Registered Provider must produce a report to the Care Quality Commission about the outcome, to include all areas of concern identified and any actions taken as a result of the audits. Thereafter they must send such reports to the Care Quality Commission on the first day of each month. This report must specify when actions have been or will be completed, and highlight who is responsible, to ensure that the required improvements are made.

Registered services