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Other CQC inspections of services

Community & mental health inspection reports for The Longley Centre can be found at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Inspection carried out on 22 September 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

During our inspection visit in January 2011 we talked to a number of patients on both acute mental health wards at this location. Comments were generally positive about aspects of their care. Please see the January 2011 report for this location.

During our inspection visit on 22 September 2011 our focus was to review compliance actions previously identified in January. We talked to two patients on Rowan ward. Patient [X] felt attending the multi-disciplinary team meeting �had helped� as it helped them �understand what they had asked [staff] before�. They also explained how they felt relaxed during the meeting and felt welcome. Patient [Y] felt �care was alright� and �[staff] all lovely�. They explained that members of staff �look after you� and always gave their time when you wanted to talk to them. Patient [Y] also said the �nurses are brilliant�.

Inspection carried out on 11 January 2011

During a routine inspection

A range of information was obtained that demonstrated how the provider ensures people who use services are involved in decisions about services and how their views are obtained. Submissions from the Sheffield LiNK (local involvement network) demonstrated how the provider has worked with and involved LiNK participants in influencing the city wide strategy for improving mental health services in Sheffield. For example, the LiNK participants work on recovery wards had been fed back to managers and staff, leading to changes in care in respect of service users' sexuality, spirituality and problems with social interaction. The LiNK has been involved in the quality reporting process with the provider and stated �we are pleased with how we have been engaged in this and we will possibly be doing some joint enter and view visits.� The provider included some views of people who use services who had fed back comments as part of its last complainants survey, for example, one comment stated, �I like the face to face contact. I felt they understood our concerns and did their best to address them�.

A large number of comments were provided by people who use services on the site visit conducted 11 January 2011. A small selection include:

�I feel safe here now, calm environment, relaxed�.

�No problems with staff, great they are�.

�Definitely had 100% good care on this ward since I�ve been here, staff been more than helpful�They come and tell us when they come on duty who has been assigned to me for the shift�.

�Some [staff] very approachable some sit in office too much�

�I like this ward but when I go on leave I get anxious because we are told our bed may have to be given up, this is always on my mind when I am on leave�

�Lots of activities to keep me busy. Enjoy going to OT pottery, baking.2 staff in OT and an activities coordinator�.

�do not feel we have enough time with medical staff seen doctor 4 times in 5 months�.

�I have been in this ward before maybe a year ago. Things are better now. It�s the staff; they are much more approachable and have more time for us�.