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Archived: Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup

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Inspection carried out on 22 October 2012

During a routine inspection

People using the service we spoke with said the standard of care they received at Queen Mary�s Hospital, Sidcup (QMS) was good and that they were well looked after. One person said; �the nurses do such a wonderful job, and there are plenty of them�. People said they had been given information beforehand about their operation and that they could discuss their care and treatment with the staff. People told us staff were cheerful and helpful. They were happy with the arrangements made for their medicines and said they had been given enough information about their medicines.

There was a range of views among people we spoke with about the food provided by the hospital. Most found it satisfactory; a few said it was nice and a few said it was not appetising.

People we spoke with said the hospital was very clean and hygienic and well equipped. One person said; �it�s very quiet and it�s the cleanest hospital I�ve ever been in�.

We found that care and treatment was planned and delivered in ways that met people�s needs. People were supported to have adequate nutrition and hydration, and were protected from the risks of acquiring a healthcare associated infection and from the risks associated with medicines. Equipment was maintained so that it worked properly and was available in sufficient quantities. People�s medical records were fit for purpose and held securely.

During a check to make sure that the improvements required had been made

Following our inspection on 17 February 2012 we asked the trust on 26 September 2012 to provide information to demonstrate it had made the required improvements in relation to consent to care and treatment at Queen Mary�s Hospital, Sidcup.

The trust submitted the requested information on 01 October 2012. This information demonstrated that the trust had made the requested improvements. The trust was taking forward the recommendations of the consent audit completed at the beginning of 2011 and was improving the proportion of staff receiving mental capacity act training.