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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Updated 20 May 2014

Clay Cross Hospital provides rehabilitation services for patients admitted from home or following discharge from acute hospitals. There was one inpatient ward at Clay Cross Hospital. Alton ward offered 17 beds and patients were supported by a multi-disciplinary team.

We saw that the care provided was planned and delivered in a safe manner because the Trust had processes in place for identifying, reporting, investigating and learning from patient safety incidents. The reporting process was well embedded at Clay Cross, and we saw that staff reported incidents on the Trust’s electronic reporting system. There was only one qualified nurse on duty at night which might not always be sufficient .

Care was planned and delivered using evidence based guidance and good practice, and nationally recognised assessment tools were used to provide effective care and support for patients. Patients we spoke with told us they were very satisfied with the care they received and said the staff were kind, compassionate and treated them with dignity. Patients told us they were involved in decisions about the care they received and the plans that were made for them. Staff did not consistently follow the correct procedures in respect of people’s advance decisions not to be resuscitated in an emergency.

Discharge planning started when people were admitted to the wards to ensure the rehabilitation they received prepared them to return to their homes independently, with support or residential care. There were governance and risk management arrangements in the Trust which were implemented at ward level. Staff were aware of the Trust’s vision called the “DCHS Way” and most felt empowered to raise concerns if required.

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Community health inpatient services

Updated 20 May 2014

We found that staff were committed to providing high quality services to the patients on Alton Ward at Clay Cross Hospital. Comments from patients, their relatives and representatives confirmed this. The care being provided met the rehabilitation needs of the patients.

During our inspection we saw the care being provided was safe, although we had concerns regarding staffing levels overnight. Processes were in place to ensure any adverse incidents were reported and acted upon. Patient’s risks were assessed on admission and reviewed regularly. Management plans were in place to reduce the identified risks.

The multi-disciplinary team worked effectively together to achieve patient discharge in a timely manner. Patients and their relatives were happy with the care provided. Staff treated people with compassion, dignity and respect. Patients were involved in decisions about their care and staff knew the people they cared for well.