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Inspection carried out on 12 August 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited unannounced and spoke with the manager, deputy, four other members of staff and seven people who lived there. Two other people we met who lived there did not wish to speak to us at length but told us they were “OK”. We were told one other person was out. We looked at records, and observed interactions in the home.

We observed positive interactions in the home and a relaxed, calm atmosphere where people felt safe and well supported.

People who lived there were very positive about the service they received. They told us that the staff were very good, and they felt safe and happy at Grove Avenue. No one who lived there had any negative comments about the service. Comments they made to us included “Very nice to live here,” “I can make friends here” and “Staff are really helpful and will listen to you.”

Staff were very positive about the service and their role in it. Some staff expressed concerns about the way most training was now done via e-learning. They also told us of the current difficulties of getting temporary cover for sickness and other absences. This was in a context of generally feeling well supported and being part of a good team. Staff told us “I love it here” and “I love my job.”