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Hartington Unit

Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Chesterfield Road, Calow, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S44 5BL (01246) 277271

Provided and run by:
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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31 March and 13 April 2011

During a routine inspection

Overall, people who use the service said they were mostly well informed and consulted with about their care and treatment, including in respect of their rights and that the nursing and medical staff usually made sufficient time for this.

People told us that they mostly enjoyed good relationships with nursing and medical staff and felt overall, that they understood and were supportive to their needs.

People gave us many positive examples where they were consulted with and, where appropriate, enabled to make choices about their care and treatment. Some examples given were for their medicines and access to some occupational activities. They also told us they liked the provision of separate male and female lounges and particularly enjoyed being able to access the Hub caf'/social meeting area.

However, most people said they would like there to be more choice of activities during the evenings and weekends and for some increased access to the gym at those times.

People also told us about other improvements that could be made, with examples given where some people's experiences of care and services received, did not match the overall positive findings above. Indicating some inconsistencies of staff approach, access and attitude and also areas where people's individual privacy, independence and choice, was compromised.

However, people told us they were often asked about their views and experiences of the service, including by way of regular individual consultation, surveys and ward community meetings. They also said they were informed and supported about how to complain and raise concerns, access advocacy services and engage with other services and support agencies where required.

People told us they were reasonably satisfied with their environment, finding it to be clean, hygienic and odour free. Overall, food (provided via the main hospital kitchen) was described as fair to reasonable, with some room for improvement in respect of quality and choice.