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Archived: Ridge Lea Hospital


Inspection carried out on 22, 23 October 2013

During a routine inspection

We observed patients in Ridge Lea hospital being treated with respect and dignity and were involved and participated in making decisions whilst on the ward.

Patients were able to express their views about their care and treatment. We saw staff supported patients in a calm relaxed way, encouraging them to carry out tasks and activities. One patient told us, �Within half an hour of arrival I had relaxed, definitely been good for me�. Another patient commented, �I have not had support before to make decisions about my future, but I have here� and �I have a pathway to a rehab unit�.

We reviewed records; spoke with seven patients and three relatives of patients who were on the ward. We saw that patients experienced safe, appropriate care and treatment. We also found patient identified risk issues were addressed and reviewed on a daily basis and this was intended to ensure patients were safe whilst in the hospital.

Patients, relatives and carers felt that staff provided good care and support. One patient said, �Staff are quite helpful and do listen. I�ve seen the doctor twice in two weeks, could be more often� and �All in all quite a good place and it is run properly�. Another patient told us, �Staff coaxed me out of my room and have encouraged me to eat, which I was not doing�.

All of the seven patients spoken with told us they felt safe on the ward. Patients told us they had no concerns and any problems they had they would talk through with their named nurse or any other member of staff. We found patients were protected from abuse and suitable arrangements were in place to respond to any allegations of abuse. We found restraint was being used on this ward infrequently and this was being monitored by the trust with suitable arrangements in place to protect and support patients against the risks associated with the use of control and restraint.

We found staff were supported in their responsibilities to be able to deliver care and treatment to the patients safely. We spoke with five staff about being supported in their work. All of the staff we spoke with said they felt supported. One staff member told us they, �I feel supported by the management on the ward and by other team members�. Another staff member told us, �We are more supported now than we were a few years ago�.

There were established and effective systems in place to monitor the quality and safety of the service. We found the trust had implemented improvements by learning from unfortunate events that had taken place on this ward.

During an inspection in response to concerns

People who use services were not directly consulted for this responsive review by the Care Quality Commission. This review was a piece of work that was as a result of an improvement letter. The improvement letter was sent to the trust in April 2010 following the registration of the NHS.