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Archived: Olive Mount Hospital


Inspection carried out on 17 December 2013

During a routine inspection

As part of our inspection we spoke with six family members and invited them to share with us their experience of the respite service provided at Wavertree Bungalow, Olive Mount Hospital. It was important we spoke with families as patients were not available on the day of the inspection.

The families we contacted spoke highly of the service and the care provided by the well-established staff team. They told us they were actively involved in decision making regarding their relative’s care and that staff communicated well with them. They felt their opinions were valued and staff listened to their views.

One family member said, “Wavertree Bungalow is a lifeline for us. The care my daughter gets is fantastic. The staff are lovely, lovely people. I feel they work there because they care about the clients and families.” Another family member told us, “I don’t know what we do without the service and staff. We are getting older and it is wonderful to know our daughter loves going there, and is safe and happy. In an emergency, the staff will always accommodate us and provide a bed.”

Arrangements were in place to ensure patients received adequate nutrition and hydration whilst they were receiving respite. Families advised us that they were involved in the developing their relative’s nutritional plan.

Sufficient numbers of skilled and experienced staff were on duty at all times

Effective processes were in place for on-going assessment and monitoring of the quality and safety of the services provided at Wavertree Bungalow.