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William Harvey Hospital Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 31 May 2012
Date of Publication: 6 August 2012
Inspection Report published 6 August 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 31 May 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with eight patients on Cambridge J, five patients on Cambridge K, three patients and two visitors on Cambridge M1. On Kings A2 we talked with nine patients, on Kings C1 we talked with four patients and two relatives, and on Kings D1 we talked with four patients.

Everyone said that their privacy and dignity was protected and promoted. People said staff always pulled the curtain around their bed before any treatment. On Cambridge J a person said. �They treat me with respect here�. On Cambridge K a person said, "They always pull the curtain around and knock on the toilet and shower doors". On Cambridge M1 a person commented, "Staff speak loudly and clearly enough. Always draw the curtains. They come quickly and they don�t rush me if I need to use the commode". On Kings C1 a person said "Yes, staff always speak with kindness and care. Always pull curtains etc". On Kings A2 a person said, "Yes, curtains always drawn and they help with the toilet." On Kings D1 a person commented, "Yes staff are always respectful. They always pull curtains but often forget to pull them back again!"

People said they had been given sufficient information to make a decision and consent to their care and treatment.

Relatives of people who had dementia or confusion commented, "there is a lack of awareness of advanced dementia." They were referring to staff asking the person questions and not being aware of when the person had capacity or not.

People spoke very positively about the care and treatment they had received. On Cambridge J a person said, �This ward is top dog, I have no complaints at all. They don�t rush me and they keep me informed, they show me my records and results�. On Cambridge K people said, �They have been brilliant, nothing has been too much trouble�. On Kings A2 people said they were given the information they needed about their care and treatment. On Kings C1 one of the relatives said that the staff communicated with them because they were the next of kin and they had been given good information, "The risks and benefits were explained before surgery."

Some people on Cambridge M1 said that they were not given enough information about their care and treatment because staff did not have the time to speak to them. However, despite saying that the staff were busy, one person said, "The care I have always received at William Harvey Hospital is world class and I've never felt unsafe here. There have been hospitals in the UK where I have felt unsafe but not here."

On all the wards people said they were satisfied with the food provided. One person said, "The food is brilliant and I am looked after well... you can have extra if you want it." Another person said, "The food is served hot, I have no complaints about the food. There is a choice and I am given time, I am never rushed." People said that there was a good range of choices of food. One person commented, "The food is pretty good. There are three choices. The last two mornings I have had a cooked breakfast."

People said the food was good but it was not always hot. People also commented that by the time they got "�the ice-cream it had turned to liquid."

People said they were impressed with the standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the wards. They said that the wards were clean and that they saw cleaners come everyday and the care staff cleaned too. They commented "�cleaning staff come round two or three times a day cleaning." "The sheets are changed every day, the ward is very clean." There was only one negative comment and that was on Cambridge M1 and again related to there not being enough staff to carry out tasks in a timely way.

A person on Kings A2 said, "Staff are straightaway your friend when you come in. There are plenty of them too." They said staff were available to help when they needed assistance. One comment was "�yes they are, sometimes have to wait a little, they are run off their feet." One person on Cambridge J commented, "The staff are pretty good." "Sometimes they rush, but usually they are good."

People we spoke to said that their call bells were answered quickly apart from people on Cambridge M1.

On Cambridge M1 people were concerned about the lack of staff. They said this had meant that some people had to wait for assistance.

People said, "The staff are very nice, very pleasant". "The nurses are happy, I do not know how they manage it and stay happy as they are very busy".

People said they felt confident in the staff who were supporting them.