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Oldham Mental Health Services

Borough Management Offices, Parklands House, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Road, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL1 2JH (0161) 604 3000

Provided and run by:
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

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Community & mental health inspection reports for Oldham Mental Health Services can be found at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. Each report covers findings for one service across multiple locations

4 February 2014

During a routine inspection

For this inspection we visited with an expert by experience, a specialist advisor and two inspectors. We spoke with 14 patients, some of who had limited communication abilities, and eight members of staff. We visited each of the four wards at this location.

Patients were treated with respect and were involved in discussion about their care and support. Comments from patients included 'The nurses are really friendly. They always want to help' and 'The nurses always give you time. They listen.'

Care and support was provided by multi-disciplinary teams. Each patient had a written care and support plan which was regularly reviewed and updated.

Appropriate safeguarding procedures were in place and understood by staff. Patients told us they felt safe on the wards. Comments included 'they [staff] are kind and they don't rush you', 'I feel comfortable with the nurses' and 'I felt safe once I was in here'.

Care and support was provided by a team of staff who were well trained, supervised and supported.

Effective quality monitoring took place to enable the service provider to ensure consistently good care was given to the patients. This included mechanisms for identifying when improvements were needed.