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Green Parks House

Farnborough Common, Orpington, Kent, BR6 8ND (020) 8295 8067

Provided and run by:
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

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11 February 2013

During a routine inspection

People we spoke with told us that they were happy with the care they received and staff were polite and courteous. We were told 'staff speak to me in a pleasant manner' and that staff addressed people by their preferred name.

One person told us that staff provided explanations regarding their treatment when they were receiving care and they had no criticism regarding the level of care even though staff were very busy. People told us the staff are ''excellent'' and they appreciated the help staff gave them in their recovery programme.

Although, two service users had complained about staff levels of noise, and they felt that staff were unaware of the noise they made especially at night, we noted that noise levels had been discussed with staff and people on the ward at staff and community meetings to try to address this issue.

We found that the people who used the service were involved in their care planning and received appropriate care and support which was based on an assessment of their needs. Staff received support and training in different aspects of care which supported them in their roles. Staff had also received appropriate safeguarding training and were able to demonstrate an understanding of safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults.