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Other CQC inspections of services

Community & mental health inspection reports for Mental Health Unit can be found at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Inspection carried out on 9 October 2013

During a routine inspection

Ward 12A provided acute admission services for male and female patients. Patients who were admitted were either detained under the Mental Health Act, 1983 or in agreement with their admission on an informal basis.

Rochford Unit provided services to older patients. Some patients experienced complex dementia related needs and others experienced mental health needs which were not related to dementia.

We used a number of different ways to help us understand what patients experienced. This was because some patients had complex needs which meant they were not able to tell us about their experiences. We looked at records, including patient�s care files. We spoke with a number of patients in both units, the managers and staff who were supporting them and we observed how care was provided.

Patients told us they were generally happy with their care and treatment. They also told us they were well supported by knowledgeable staff. There were systems in place for the provider to regularly monitor and assess the quality of care and treatment patients received. The provider demonstrated they took action to address any issues and learned lessons from them.

During our visit we made some comments about improvements the trust should consider in relation to record keeping, access to outside space for patients and activities arrangements in one unit. We also made comments about issues relating to the mix of patient needs in one unit.

During an inspection looking at part of the service

We did not speak to people who use the service as part of this inspection process.

This was because the trust sent us enough evidence to show that they had completed all of the things they said they would do.

Inspection carried out on 12, 13 April 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Patients told us that they were generally happy with the services they get when they are staying on the wards. Although some patients said that they cannot always go outside to smoke when they want, because of where the wards are situated in the hospital.

Patients said things like �got plenty to do here if you want, they [staff] do listen to us and they do a good job.� �Staff are really good here, they help me to feel better and you can sit and chat to them, I feel better here than I do at home.� �Staff know what they are doing.� �Lovely staff, very good at their job.�

Some patient�s were not able to tell us about their views and experiences. However we saw that staff were talking to patients in private when they needed to. They approached patients and managed their needs in a friendly and reassuring way, and they responded quickly to their requests. They helped patients to make choices about what they wanted to do in a way that the patient could understand.

Inspection carried out on 22 November 2010

During a routine inspection

Patients told us that staff are kind and friendly, and a visitor said that the ward staff communicated well with them.

Another visitor said that their relative had a significantly good experience compared to another ward they stayed in previously.

One patient had some issues with staff support when eating, and with the quality of the catering arrangements.