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Archived: Kentmere Ward

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Community & mental health inspection reports for Kentmere Ward can be found at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Inspection carried out on 8 May 2013

During a routine inspection

On the day of our visit all of the patients on the ward chose not to speak to us. Review of the results from the patient discharge satisfaction survey showed that all of the patients were given the opportunity to voice their views about their stay in hospital. 82% of patients agreed that they, and any identified people, were involved in making decisions about their care and discharge planning. There was also evidence of many good new initiatives, on the ward, which included, for example, the trialling of the use of an iPad for patient discharge questionnaire.

We observed that patients in the unit were relaxed and at ease. By examining patient�s records and observing care, we could see how the care plan was effectively providing staff with clear instruction on the delivery of both mental and physical health care needs and treatment. However, on a tour of the premises we found that patients still did not have access to a secure area direct from the ward where they could go if they wanted to smoke. We reviewed the staffing levels on the ward for the time of our visit and for the week previous. Records demonstrated that the ward were staffed appropriately in accordance with patients need. Patients reported that they felt the staff worked well together. We discussed with the ward manager how they assessed and monitored the quality of the service provided by the ward. We found there were appropriate mechanisms in place for this to happen

Inspection carried out on 24 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We observed people who used the service (patients) being supported by staff which demonstrated that they were skilled and competent at managing their complex needs and we saw staff diffusing situations that were potentially challenging. We observed good interactions between staff and patients. Staff were seen to offer appropriate and sensitive support to maintain patients� dignity. We observed that patients in the unit were relaxed and at ease. There was also evidence of many good new initiatives on the ward which included, for example, comprehensive notice boards which provided information on medication and plans to develop alternative therapies for patients.

We spoke with two patients and both reported positively about the care they had received from the staff team, confirming the care was �good� and �fantastic�. However we found that patients did not have access to a secure area where they could go if they wanted to smoke. Patients told us that this caused problems for those who were not allowed unaccompanied outings from the ward.

We found that patients experienced care, treatment and support that met their mental health needs and protected their rights, however a patient's physical health assessment was not always detailed in care plans to ensure staff were able to address any health needs correctly.