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We are carrying out checks at Corbett Hospital. We will publish a report when our check is complete.


Inspection carried out on 25 January 2011

During a routine inspection

During our visit on 25 January 2011, we spoke to people receiving a service at the Corbett Hospital. People were positive about their experiences of care and treatment. They told us that staff explained things to them and that they were kept informed and were involved in decisions. They told us that consent had been sought and different care and treatment options had been explained to them. Staff were described as caring and friendly and people found the hospital to be clean. People told us that they did not have to wait too long for their appointments and that their records were always available. The only thing that people told us was of concern to them was lack of car parking facilities.

People said:

“The treatment and cause of my problems were explained”

“They gave me information so I could choose”

“I was asked to give consent before my operation”

“The treatment here is first class”

“You see the person that you have the appointment with here”

“There are no problems getting information to my GP”

“Everywhere is all very clean”

“There are only three problems with this hospital, car parking, car parking and car parking”

“She is a really lovely doctor who puts things in detail and does not treat you like an idiot”

“The staff are really nice here”

“The staff are very competent”