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Archived: Princess Anne Wing

This service was previously managed by a different provider - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 16 July 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Princess Anne Wing is part of Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's maternity services. On our previous inspection of this location, we found the service needed to make improvements around cleanliness, and infection control systems and procedures. We also found staffing levels in relation to midwives were not always at levels acceptable to safely meet the needs of patients.

The trust sent us a series of action plans to outline how it was going to improve in these areas. We went back to the hospital to check on progress, and ask patients about their care and experiences of the service.

All the patients we met said their care was good. We were told staff were "kind", "caring" and "can't do enough for you."

We found improvements had been made in cleanliness and infection control systems and processes. There was still remedial work to be carried out to the premises to improve infection control risks, but the trust was managing this. The funding for the upgrade to the premises had been secured from a Department of Health grant. We saw the plans and dates for the commencement of the project, which would start in August 2013.

Patients told us they found the infection control practices to be as they would expect. We were told all staff were seen to regularly wash their hands, and did this before and after any patient contact. They said they found the hospital clean, but had recognised some areas were, as one said, "getting a bit shabby."

We found staffing levels had improved through shift changes and additional recruitment. Further recruitment was being funded to bring the number of midwives up to the approved level over the rest of this calendar year. This would reduce the need for bank staff or unplanned shift changes. Patients told us they felt care was safe and effective. One said staff were "sometimes clearly very busy, but that does not appear to have compromised their care in any way. They are brilliant."

Inspection carried out on 12 December 2012

During a routine inspection

Most of the patients and partners we met at Princess Anne Wing were happy with their care and support. One patient said: "we've had perfect care. Everything's fine." Another patient said: "I'm very pleased with the help and attention I've received so far". We were told staff were sometimes "busy and stretched" but "the consultants have been great and the midwives are fantastic." Patients and their partners told us they were involved in their care and able to make their own decisions and choices. They told us they were treated with privacy, dignity and respect. Patients felt their medical records and personal information were kept confidential.

One family we met had been distressed about staff support. The mother said she had waited 12 hours before seeing her baby, despite being promised to be taken to the neonatal intensive care unit on a number of occasions. The father had "wandered the wards [at night] looking for staff to help."

We were told patients and their partners found the hospital clean and well organised. During our inspection we found the arrangements for cleaning did not provide staff with a clear definition of specific roles and responsibilities. The environment was not maintained in some areas to facilitate prevention and control of infections. There were a number of gaps in the systems auditing and monitoring the prevention and control of infection. We are concerned the hospital is not operating with a safe staffing level at all times.